Terms of License

1. Shipment of images – Art X Images shall send the required images by the means determined by the client.

1.1 The client is responsible for the verification of received images on the moment of receipt and in case of problems should notify/contact
Art X Images within 14 working days. After this date the client undertakes to pay integrally the total value of the images to Art X Images
even if those images are not used by the client.
1.2 Art X Images only accepts the returns within the stipulated time and only in case of proved impossibility to solve the problems with the
image. Art X Images does not accept any returns in all other cases. After the stipulated time Art X Images shall charge 10% of the total value
for adjustments and re-shipment.

2. Insurance/CIF

2.1 Art X Images charges from its clients a percentage on the value of the order which gives the client the right to receive a one-time re-shipment
of the images which were ordered in cases of loss, fire, robbery of files. This re-shipment will be on behalf of Art X Images. The insurance including
CIF is 5% for all countries excluding Brazil. For those who do not pay insurance, in cases of necessity such as loss, etc., the amount of 20% of the value
of the required images is charged for the second shipment. This insurance covers only the preparation and shipment of the images

3. Payments

3.1 The rights are valid only upon the full payment.

4. Rights

4.1 The client is prohibited to sub-license the rights partially or totally to the third parties without written authorization of Art X Images.
4.2 The client can modify the original image received in his order. The creation of only a unique image/design is permitted. It is not permitted to
create more than one image derived from the original, otherwise the client shall obtain Art X Images’s written authorization of the created images.
4.3 The texts and logos used in our images are just mere suggestions. Art X Images is not the owner of these rights and is not responsible for those.
The client is responsible for acquiring such licenses directly from the owners of the same ones.
4.4 The rights are granted for the territories, duration and uses stipulated in the order. The images of third parties are granted in a non-exclusive
basis. Art X Images is committed not to commercialize the same image for the same use within the same territory for the time period mentioned in the Order.
Meanwhile Art X Images is not responsible for sales made directly by photographers/ photo banks. Art X Images does not take responsibility for export of
products with the images acquired by the clients of other countries.

5. Guarantee

5.1 Art X Images is not responsible for existence of model, property, personality and other implications in terms of image and also does not guarantee
the precision and trustworthiness of the description of the images, translation or other information contained in the images.
5.2 Art X Images is not responsible for the adjacent rights that can exist on the images. All models, products, logos, symbols, brands, labels and text
on the image can contain the rights of intellectual property of third parties. The client should seek by its own means to obtain the authorization of the
rights of third parties if applicable.

6. General conditions

6.1 The client shall not use the images for illegal purposes.
6.2 Art X Images is not responsible for any loss or damage that the client can suffer in case of use of the images.
6.3 The client shall keep Art X Images totally free from all kinds of claims or demands made by third parties that may occur being caused by the image usage.
6.4 Art X Images’s responsibility extends only to the value charged in the Order.
6.5 Art X Images is not responsible for usage of its images. The client takes all risks in utilization of the images.

I have read and I accept the conditions above.

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